Refill or Recycle

Not only can we offer you our extensive choice of original brand and our own money saving, smart brand cartridges, but also the ability to re-use your own cartridges.

Visit us in-store, and we can take your empty cartridges, thoroughly clean them, (if needed reset) and refill so they work exactly like the original product. Although we are able to refill a large number of different cartridges, we can't do them all. It may be advisable to contact your local store first to check on your particular model.

To find your local store, please visit our store locator here.

Refilling your empty cartridges is the most environmental option but if this isn't possible then we can help you dispose of them in the correct way.

In some situations cartridges are not able to be refilled, we can however provide you with a replacement and dispose of your redundant one according to the appropriate local regulations. If you have purchased any cartridges from us and need these disposing of, then bring them along to your local store and we'll take care of them for you.

N.B. The recycling service is only available to existing customers.