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Who Are We And What Do We Do?
Cartridge Universe is a buying group, not a franchise. Our leaders have significant global printing industry experience and believe retailers (bricks/mortar and/or on-line) must operate differently to prosper in a rapidly changing market. We focus on retailer profitability, keeping our membership costs low giving stores a competitive advantage over franchise stores and independent operators.

Member Benefits
Cartridge Universe has already negotiated and will continue to seek more special deals with suppliers for buying group preferred prices and bulk deals.

Premium members share profits from EVERY National online web sale excluding territories owned by premium members. Premium members get 100% profit from sales in their own territory.

Got a great idea? CU has graphic designers that can turn that idea into in store posters, brochures, fliers for you. Benefit from other members ideas that work.

Better buying power.
Buying as a group means better deals & better prices on original brand.
Better branding, stronger web presence as a global group.
Sharing information and working together in the same direction.
Not dealing with conflicts of interests that can occur in franchise systems.
Belong to a group of like minded business people.
Safety in numbers. Better legal coverage.

Is it Flexible?
Yes, CU have 2 membership levels, Standard and Premium.

A standard member can upgrade any time to a premium member assuming a premium territory is still available.

Some franchise chains achieved rapid growth 10-20 years ago and made a lot of money for their founders. There were large up-front fees and significant ongoing payments, without enough value add.

Life for many cartridge franchise owners has become difficult with global store numbers declining from over 2,000 to under 600. Franchises have not changed with the market, successive owners have not stopped the rapid decline and now have an uncertain future.

Buying Groups, have been successful in many industries but not yet properly implemented in Printing Supplies. There are small up-front fees, a range of membership options with lower costs and membership is more flexible than a franchise.

Cartridge Universe Buying Group

A. General Membership
A one time up-front membership and monthly fees.
The retailer keeps using their own business name.
Discounts and special offers available from selected distributors and wholesalers.
Buy our white box products or buy from other suppliers.

B. Premium Membership
A one time up-front membership and monthly fees.
Same as General Membership and includes exclusive territory by Post Codes.
Premium members can open or operate sub branches or agents, inside their territory, no additional fees apply.

In addition, Premium stores benefit from Cartridge Universe Web sales. Web orders fulfilled from the local store or centrally with 100% profit (after all costs) going to stores from sales inside a Premium Members territory & a 1/3 share of profit from online white space territory sales divided between Premium members.
(eg territory owner, located in Brisbane gets a share of web sales made in vacant territories in the rest of Australia.)

Stores can use, if they wish, the buying group name and colour scheme and have access to P.O.S materials , branded carry bags, pens, headed notepaper, business cards, marketing fliers, logo shirts, posters, banners, promo items etc.

CU would also like to help stores rebrand or update signage by helping towards signage costs, in the form of a credit, to offset any new Cartridge Universe brand store signage when joining.

How Can I Join?
Interested retailers, please complete our contact form. It is not just a matter of paying the membership fee, buying group members must provide a high level of sales and service. We focus on high quality/fair value, we do not sell low quality, cheap products.